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Our Building Committee Members

Dawn Wacek-Library Director

Angie Katterhagen-Library Staff

Jenny Hastreiter-Library Board of Trustees

Melissa Kozma-Friends of the Library

Jill Holtegaard-Friends of the Library and Library Board

Carolyn Dunham-Citizen Member

Ryan Weaver-Citizen Member

James Kiffmeyer-Citizen Member

Tonya Waite-Citizen Member


Building Committee Meetings

MINUTES RLPL Building Committee 11-29-11

MINUTES RLPL Building Committee 05-23-2012


Our Community Survey

RLPL Needs Assessment 2010-2011

Program Assessment

Future of Libraries-Recommended Reading

2013 State of America’s Libraries

Why Public Libraries Matter (Forbes)

Library Services in the Digital Age

The Digital Age is Forcing Libraries to Change (Washington Post) 


Coming Soon…

New Construction

The above sketch is our concept of a brand new library facility in our current location.  This design offers us amazing flexibility and efficiency in everything from daylighting to staffing.  A big thanks to MS&R for all of their work in developing this concept with input from our Building Committee, patrons, friends, and staff.


This sketch demonstrates our concept of a fully renovated and expanded library.  It allows us to reuse the current building to some degree and expand into our current pocket park.

Both designs offer us a much more efficient and flexible building which will last our community fifty years before further renovations are needed (this is the lifespan of many aspects of building mechanicals, etc.)  Both designs include a beautiful third floor meeting space that would be open and available to the public for meetings and other uses.  They also both include a lovely green space which the library would continue to utilize for outdoor programming and events as well as a lovely space to relax with a good book.