In House Services

Fax, Print & Copy


A staff member will send the fax for the patron. A printed receipt will confirm delivery. The document to be sent must be a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, printed on one side of the paper. Payment is per sheet that is faxed.

Faxes sent from the library are $1.00 per sheet.
Faxes can also be received at the library. Cost of faxes recieved is 15¢ per sheet with tax.
The Rice Lake Public Library fax number is (715) 234-5026.


A self-service photocopy machine is available on the first floor of the library, next to the Circulation Desk. When finished, present the copies at the Circulation desk and pay per printed side. There is tax on photocopies.

8.5 x 11 Black & White 15 ¢ + tax
8.5 x 11 Color 50 ¢ + tax
11 x 17 Black & White 25 ¢ + tax


Printing is permitted from all internet computers. After a document is sent to the printer, it goes into a queue. When the patron is ready to pay for their document(s), they should go to the Circulation Desk and inform Patrons must pay for all the pages they print.

8.5 x 11 Black & White 15 ¢ + tax
8.5 x 11 Color 50 ¢ + tax
11 x 17 Black & White 25 ¢ + tax
11 x 17 Color $1.00 + tax

Printing is also available for wireless devices. Please contact staff for the email address to the printer.

8.5 x 11 Black & White 50 ¢ + tax
8.5 x 11 Color 50 ¢ + tax

Meeting Rooms

The library’s meeting rooms are a community asset, and the library board wishes to
encourage its use by community groups when it is not in use for library functions.
Therefore, the meeting room will be available for use by local community groups
subject to the guidelines established below. The Library Board and staff do not
assume any liability for groups or individuals attending a meeting in the Library.
The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Library does not in any way
constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the library staff or
board. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Adults must be present for children’s

Uses of the Meeting Room (Friendship Room)

The meeting room may be used for free for programs sponsored by nonprofit, educational, and cultural agencies, governmental units, and community service
agencies. Local commercial enterprises and private citizens will be able to rent the
meeting room during the day.
The commercial use fee for the Friendship Room (larger room which holds up to 150
people) will be $30 for a half-day or any fraction thereof, or $60 for a
whole day.

The private use fee for the room will be $20/ hour with a 2 hour minimum. This fee will apply to any use for private social gatherings including but not limited to birthdays,showers, craft gatherings, and parties. An additional clean-up fee of $25/ hour will be charged to any organization or private group that fails to leave the meeting room clean and arranged in the same way as it was before the meeting or gathering.

The meeting room may be reserved via phone or in person no more than 5 weeks in advance of the scheduled event.

The library reserves the right to cancel a scheduled reservation due to unforeseen
circumstances. Notification of such cancellation will be given a minimum of 24 hours in
advance. However, should inclement weather force the closing of the library, 24 hours
notice may not be possible. It is recommended that all organizations contact the library
if inclement weather threatens.

Meeting Room Policies

Tax Forms

Tax forms are ordered by library staff each fall in accordance with the allowances of the federal and state revenue departments.  Forms will be available at the library dependent upon the schedule of those government agencies on a first come, first served basis.

Library staff cannot offer tax advice of any kind as they are not trained to do so.  However, if you know the form number and name that you need, staff are happy to assist you in printing a copy from our public Internet computers.  The first copy of each form is a free printout.  Additional copies are subject to our print charges.  Staff can also assist patrons in locating a qualified tax preparer, or can connect you to other tax help resources in the region.

Public Computing

Eight computers are available for the Internet and word processing. There is also a 15-minute express computer and one computer with assistive technology.

How do I use a computer?

You must agree to abide by the Library Internet policy. Failure to comply with the Library Internet Policy or Appropriate Behavior Policy will result in suspension of computer or library use.

Children under 18 must have parental permission to use the Internet.

A library card is required to sign-on. If you have a Rice Lake or MORE library card, the barcode, without spaces, is your username and your birthdate (ie. MM-DD-YYYY) is your password.

You may simply sign-on to a computer if one is available. If no computers are available, you will need to sign-on to the reservation station for computers. The reservation station will list pending reservations and will match computers to pending reservations.

If you are just visiting the area, you will need to register for a guest pass at the service desk. Identification is required. A guest pass will be valid for one week.

How long can I use a computer for?

You will be given 90 minutes a day.

You will receive 30 minutes initially and are only assured the first 30 minutes. If others have reserved a computer, you will be given a 5 minute warning, and your session will end.

If others are not waiting to use a computer, your 30 minute session will be extended until you have reached your 90 minutes.