Ready to Read


Early literacy is everything your child knows about reading and writing BEFORE they actually learn how to read and write.   Babies chewing on books, toddlers asking you to read the same book 100 times, your preschooler “scribbling” everywhere – these are all great examples of early literacy skills!

The most important thing you can do to foster early literacy is to provide an environment that is fun, verbal, and stimulating!  Don’t worry about “teaching your child to read” – simply focus on creating lots of opportunities to talk, play, sing, read and write!





Believe it or not – 1,000 books is a very reasonable number of  books to have enjoyed before kindergarten.  If you read only one bedtime story every night for three years you will have read 1,095!  If you read 10 books each week for two years, you will have read 1,040!

This program is based on solid evidence that the more children hear books read to them from the ages of 0-5, the more successful they will be when they start kindergarten.

Stop in the library to get signed up today – it’s never too early.  When your child reaches each 100 book mark they can put a sticker up on our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten display.  When they reach 500 books your child can pick out a book to take home and when they reach 1,000 books they receive another book.  Thereafter,  parent and child are SUPER READERS and an inspiration to all of us!


 Early Literacy Tips and Activities to Try at Home

* Talk with your baby while preparing meals.  Describe what you’re doing.

* Sing your baby’s name to any tune while you get her ready for bed.

* When you hear sounds like a dog barking or a car honking, repeat them with your toddler.  Encourage her to make the sounds and name them.

*Help your child write letters and draw pictures with sidewalk chalk.

*Keep books everywhere!  In the bedroom, car, and all around the house.

*Visit the library for great books and recommendations, as well as storytime!  (storytime happens at the RLPL Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, all at 10:30am)

*Have scratch paper, envelopes, crayons, pencils, and markers around for your child to practice writing.

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