RLPL EyeBomb Challenge for Local Businesses

RLPL Eyebomb challenge:

Business Edition 

Take a pair of googly eyes, place them on an inanimate object(s) around your office/business, such as a coffee cup, flower pot, etc., and accept our EyeBomb Challenge!

Every entrant receives a Saturday Shoutout on our Facebook page with a link your Facebook page and/or website.  The photo with the most likes at the end of August wins a month of Facebook promotion from the RLPL page.

(For some inspiration on eyebombing check out

We’re encouraging our patrons to Escape the Ordinary this summer with the Art of EyeBombing and we want to challenge businesses to do the same!

Here’s what you do:


Here’s what you win:  You pick the month and we’ll share a Facebook post (or photo) of yours each week for that month! And that’s not all!  (I’ve always wanted to do that!) We’ll also highlight a part of your website each week in our Wednesday Website pick each week for a month—that’s 8 posts plus the Saturday Shoutout!  And that’s still not all! Your photo(s) will be shared on a special Pinterest Board linking back to your website or Facebook page (you pick).

Why are we doing this? Well, this year’s Summer Reading Theme’s (Escape the Ordinary (adults), Every Hero Has a Story (youth), and Unmask (teen)) got us thinking about community heroes.  Heroes are defined as a person admired for “courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities” (   We’ve noticed the support the Rice Lake community has from area businesses whether it’s the school district, area organizations and clubs, ourselves here at TheRLPL and we think that is outstanding and yes, noble even.  So we thought, why not let area businesses “Escape the Ordinary” too!?

Grab those googly eyes and have fun! Show us your creative side and let us give back to you in a small way as a token of appreciation for all  you do to support your community!



(Okay, Angie was under the gun here, 
 but the purple border across the line resembles
 the face she makes when deadline approaches)


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