Meet Your RLPL Superhero Staff

Do all superhero’s  wear capes?  Leap tall buildings in a single bound? or fly through the air to save the day?

Not necessarily, but they do tend to the save the day!  The word hero typically brings to mind a protector or guardian. For most of us at RLPL, our Computer Support Tech-Al Christensen, fits this definition of hero.  He protects the technology within the City and quite often is “Saving the Day” allowing TheRLPL to fulfill our mission of providing Access to the community we serve.  From Genealogy services to Barron County Resources to finding that perfect read–Al plays a superhero role behind the scenes!

super al

Some might say (including Al, himself) that it is merely part of his job, and while that is true, it is the way he does that job that earns him the title of  “Superhero” in our eyes.

He saves the day often when our computers act up (or the humans operating them) and does so with patience, humor, and understanding.  Yes, Al is a superhero to us, in fact it is because of his “superhero” qualities (Patience, Humor, and Understanding—not unlike those of another hidden hero; teachers) that we are able to offer the same support to our patrons when they come in for technical help.

Who is your superhero? Parent, friend, teacher, boss, co-worker, …?  We’d love to hear their story- share it with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #EHHAS

On the subject of heroes…Have you ever wondered what superhero you are? Take the quiz below and find out who your superhero self is.

If your Rice Lake Public Library were to dress up as their superhero selves you would see:

 We have 1 Robin

Young and acrobatic.
You don’t mind stepping aside
to give someone else glory.

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and 1 Wonder Woman

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

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And WOW! We have 4 Super”(w0)men” on staff 

You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

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