New Child Safety Policy

We love your children at the RLPL! And one of our biggest concerns is the safety and well-being of the children who visit us each day.  For many people in our community, the library is seen as a safe and welcoming place, a place they feel comfortable bringing their families.  And that brings us a lot of joy.  Unfortunately, we do need to make sure our patrons understand that the library is also a very public place.  Just like Wal-Mart, the city park, or the local gym, anyone and everyone uses the Rice Lake Public Library.  And while we love that too (the library is after all, a great equalizer) it sometimes means that we may not be an inherently a safe place for unsupervised children.

I’m sure you’ve seen how busy our staff is and realize that they cannot provide care and supervision to young children left alone.  To that end, our staff and Library Board of Trustees has adopted an updated version of our Child Safety Policy.  Please take a look and let us know your thoughts, questions or concerns.  Child Safety Policy 2013